Niʻihau Collectors’ Lei, 32″ 3-Strand Deluxe Kipona

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A breathtaking, museum-quality Kipona (mixed shell) lei strung in both the Pikake and Mauna Loa weaves. The Momi (dove shells) featured are uliuli ʻāhiehie (light gray), uliuli ikaika (dark gray), ʻōnikiniki ʻele ʻele (spotted black), kahakaha ʻāhiehie (striped light), and extremely rare kahakaha ikaika (striped dark). The vibrant Kahelelani (turban shells) used are ʻele ʻele (black), kāmoa ʻōmaʻomaʻo ʻāhiehie (large light green), and an abundance of rare ʻākala wai pāpipi (hot pink).

Finished with a Pōleholeho ʻāpuʻupuʻu (cowrie shell, bumpy).

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Medium: Niʻihau Shell
Size: 32 in



Niʻihau Collectors’ Lei, 32″ 3-Strand Deluxe Kipona. Crafted by master artisan Kaleialoha Roback.

About The Artist ~ Kaleialoha’s Story

Ever since I can remember as a child growing up on Ni’ihau, I’ve always been surrounded by shells. My day begins at early dawn before the sun begins to shine, before the sand gets hot. I have to pick as fast as I can, sometimes competing with the surf – and at times the ocean will not give any shells. Physical persistence and endurance is the fun part of the work when gathering these precious jewels and is an art in itself.

When I get home with my shells, I fashion them into leis styled in the traditions handed down to me by my grandmother, Tutu Kuʻuleialoha Kelley – a premier lei maker in her own right – and my mother, Healani Pahulehua Kelley. My leis are unique and have a reputation of the highest quality craftsmanship. Making Ni’ihau shell leis is a beautiful art and way of life I have come to love, one I am glad my children are perpetuating.

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