Maui Sea Glass Dangle Earrings

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A single piece of Maui-found sea glass on sterling silver hooks. Each pair is one-of-a-kind!

PLEASE NOTE: Images shown are for reference only – after you place your order, we will provide in-stock options for you to choose from.

Medium: Sea Glass, Sterling Silver

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The History of Sea Glass on Maui

Glass was never manufactured on Maui, so bottles had to be imported by ships from all over the world. The Maui Ice and Soda Works Company was located in Lahaina next to the famous sea wall, and before recycling came into play broken glass and bottles were most likely discarded in the harbor. Some have tumbled around the ocean floor for more than 100 years, and miniscule to moderately sized pieces of glass eventually make their way to shore to tell their stories.

Each piece is truly a Maui treasure, as only during certain tides and times of the year does the richly colored glass appear on top of the sand/gravel, in abundance one day and gone the next without a trace. Following is a little bit of history as to when the original bottles were manufactured based on their color:

  • Olive Green ~ 1870s
  • Dark Amber ~ 1880s
  • Dark Red Amber ~ 1880s
  • Clear ~ 1902
  • Pale Aqua (Soda) ~ 1908
  • Lime Green ~ 1909
  • Blue Glass (Gin) ~ 1910
  • Emerald Green ~ 1935
  • Yellow/Green ~ 1936
  • Brown ~ Unknown

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