Hawai’i Lava Platter, Square

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Sized for almost anywhere you can imagine. Just gorgeous in the sunlight! (NOTE: Both sizes come with a plexiglass stand for display.)

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PLEASE NOTE: Each of Marian’s pieces is one-of-a-kind! After you place your order, we will email you images of in-stock options.

Medium: Fused Glass

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Hawai’i Lava Platter, Square, by Marian Fieldson. Lava flow-molded glass art with 22K gold accents handmade on Hawai’i.

About The Artwork

Inspired by the undulating swirls of the Big Island lava flows outside her home near Kilauea volcano, Marian has developed a unique glass-casting technique. By combining torch-worked glass threads, color shards, and fine glass powders with layers of dichroic glass, she stacks and fires the many elements into her lava molds to form a new glass sheet. The pattern taken from the lava and the individual components with 22K gold accents makes every platter so unique they are each signed and numbered by the artist.

“I am fascinated by the liquid effect of the molten lava and it’s affinity with glass – just opening the kiln on a new piece is exciting!” says Marian. “I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with this beautiful material and have others enjoy these pieces.”

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