Gumtree Shekere – OOAK Gourd Sculpture

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The shekere is a West Africa percussion instrument that now appears in cultures around the world, played by gently striking the bottom and sides to activate the beads. This stylized rendition in soft patina has the botanicals of Australia around the rim with beads of bone, glass, Fair-Trade wood, and handmade polymer clay. Pyro-etched, painted, and dyed.


Medium: Gourd
Size: ~13" x ~8"


About The Process ~ Jaz’s Story

“I am completely self-taught and continue my education by every means possible. Being easily bored I am both struck by the variety of works that can be done on, in, and with gourds, but I am equally interested in the history of gourds and their various functions. It has become my passion and a full-time job that I love. Each gourd is an experiment, and I am usually delighted with the outcome. I hope you enjoy them too!”

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