Dolphins – OOAK Gourd Sculpture

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A flurry of dolphins is always a breathtaking view. At twilight their backs glisten like precious metals before dipping once again into the luscious blue-green sea. The finial is a representation of sea kelp and coral oftentimes in green tones teaming with life. Pyro-etched, painted, and ink-dyed, fully sealed inside and out.


Medium: Gourd
Size: ~8.5" x 8"


About The Process ~ Jaz’s Story

“I am completely self-taught and continue my education by every means possible. Being easily bored I am both struck by the variety of works that can be done on, in, and with gourds, but I am equally interested in the history of gourds and their various functions. It has become my passion and a full-time job that I love. Each gourd is an experiment, and I am usually delighted with the outcome. I hope you enjoy them too!”

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