18K Gold Women’s Bamboo Ring with Diamonds


Featuring the Schwarz’s classic bamboo motif, this beautiful women’s ring is crafted in 18K gold and features multiple inlaid diamonds.

Wile some sizes are available immediately, others may be on backorder. Please contact our Wailea locations with stock inquiries: (808) 667-7997 or [email protected].

Medium: 18K Gold



About The Artists ~ Carol & Michael Schwarz

Twenty-two years into living their idyllic, off-the-grid lifestyle, spending their days flowing between studio and jewelry work, tending to their jungle ensconced property, and enjoying the pleasures of this island lifestyle, Carol and Michael have come to a place of balance and harmony that is reflected in their jewelry. They strive to honor and convey their reverence for nature in the pieces they produce by utilizing recycled metals and consciously derived stones as much as possible. Their studio is powered by the sun, with rainwater catchment as their water source. These days, many of their pieces are worked on in tandem, blending the strengths of both artists for an end product that is magically derived, and meticulously crafted.

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