Radd Haferkamp

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And So It Continues by Radd Haferkamp - RADD73*

And So It Continues

a stand, or shelf made of Hawaiian Koa and Wenge wood. Shocked with electricity to form an organic design. Side View

Electric Stand

Epiphany by Radd Haferkamp - RADD71


Every Which Way by Radd Haferkamp - RADD75

Every Which Way

a original wall hanging made of Hawaiian Koa wood. Socked with electricity to form an organic design. Outline of electrical waves is black, against the wood grains.


Horizon by Radd Haferkamp - RADD69


It's Happening by Radd Haferkamp - RADD72

It’s Happening

Light Me Up by Radd Haferkamp - RADD68*

Light Me Up

Lil Fish by Radd Haferkamp - RADD74

Lil Fish


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