Suzy Papanikolas

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Giclee of a young boy holding a Ukulele with a plam tree shadow by Suzy Papanikolas

Boy with Ukulele

A young Hawaiian man with a painted face and tribal arm tattoo blowing a conch shell

Conch Blower

The torso of a female hula dancer with a coconut shell bra, plumeria lei, and ti leaf skirt

Dancer with Plumeria Torso

Portrait of a young hula girl with a ti leaf haku and white plumeria flowers in her ear

Dancer with Ti and White Plumeria

Two young sisters laughing while in their orange and red hula attire

Halau Sisters in Shadow

The feet of two hula dancers with a colorful hibiscus flower hula skirt

Hula Feet in Breeze

A male hula dancer in action with his arms spread open, wearing a yellow and while malo

Hula Kane

A female hula dancer in motion wearing yellow and orange with ti leaf additions and long brown hair

Hula Wahine

The hands of a young hula dancer wearing yellow holding an ipu


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