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"The Point at Makena" by Lisabongzee - LBZ283

The Point at Makena

an oil painting of a rock shore meeting the ocean, palm trees at the waters edge, and an island in the distance

The Point at Makena Landing

an original oil painting of three palm trees in front of a calm beach with deep, royal, and teal blue waters

Three Palms Maui

"Three's Company" by Lisabongzee

Three’s Company

Thru the Kiawe ~ Ahihi-Kinau

square oil painting of two large palm trees swaying towards the left on the shore of a beach


"Tropic Reflection" by Lisabongzee - LBZ262

Tropic Reflection

an original oil painting of a dirt road, path, lined with palm trees and other local plants with a house hidden. At the edge of a mountain

Tropical Hideaway

original oil of a wave crashing off shore and three palm trees on the beach

Tropical Wave

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