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Makawao Mon-Sat 10AM-5PM, Sun 11AM-4PM
Pa’ia Mon-Sun 10AM-6PM
Wailea Mon-Sun 10AM-8PM

Featured image: “Lahaina Whale’s Eye View” by Lisabongzee

Maui Hands Art Galleries ~ Art, Jewelry & More Made in Hawaiʻi

300 Artists. 1 Respected Name. Enjoy the arts during your Hawaiʻi vacation and visit our stunning galleries on Maui in Makawao, Pa’ia, and Wailea, or shop online at and gift yourself or a loved one a little bit of paradise.

With 30-plus years representing 300 Hawaiʻi-based artists and jewelers, Maui Hands offers: Original Paintings and Mixed Media; Photography and Fine Art Prints; Fine and Casual Jewelry; Niʻihau Shell Lei, Earrings, and Bracelets; Glasswork, Ceramics, and Clay Sculptures; Woodwork, Wood, and Other Sculptures; Linens, Bags, and Fiber Arts; Souvenirs; Specialty Gifts; and more!

Recommended by Frommer’s Guide, Maui Revealed, and Lonely Planet.

HAWAIʻI Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards: Best of Maui

  • Best Art Gallery 2024 (2nd) / 2023 (3rd) / 2022 (3rd) / 2021 (3rd) / 2020 (3rd) / 2019 (3rd) / 2018 (4th)
  • Best Store for Souvenirs 2024 (4th) / 2023 (4th) / 2022 (3rd) / 2021 (3rd)
  • Best Non-fashion/Non-clothing Boutique Store 2020 (2nd) / 2019 (2nd) / 2018 (3rd)
  • Best Place to Buy Local Art 2016 / 2015 / 2014


Maui Times’ Best of Maui Readers’ Poll

  • Best Art Gallery 2023 / 2017 / 2009
  • Best Local Jewelry Store 2019 / 2018

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Original Paintings & Mixed Media

Photography & Fine Art Prints

Fine & Casual Jewelry

The Shells of Ni'ihau

Glasswork, Ceramics & Clay Sculptures

Woodwork, Wood & Other Sculptures

Linens, Bags & Fiber Arts


Specialty Gifts

News & Events

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March 2024 News & Events

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work | Celebrating our work family 🤝 Artist-In-Residence events 🎨 And much more! 

February 2024 News & Events

Cultivating a Lifelong Love of Art | Panna's recent travels ✈️ Our award-winning artists 🏆 And much more! 

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