Our ongoing Artist-In-Residence program provides regular opportunities to meet and talk story with some of the talented artists Maui Hands represents. We invite visitors and locals alike to learn more about Maui’s vibrant artistic community! 

PLEASE NOTE: As featured artists, dates, and locations are subject to change, to confirm an AIR event you’d like to attend please call the associated gallery.

(808) 572-2008

To be announced

(808) 579-9245

Peter Jefferson, Paintings ~ Tuesday, August 15, 11AM-2PM


"Keʻanae Point" by Peter Jefferson

“Keʻanae Point” by Peter Jefferson

(808) 667-7997

Art Night at The Shops with Joanne Hopper and Jim Powlan ~ Saturday, August 5, 5-8PM

"Umbrellas No. 2" by Joanne Hopper - JPP02

“Umbrellas No. 2” by Joanne Hopper


"Horizon" Silk Print by Jim Powlan - JFP58

“Horizon” by Jim Powlan

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