The art of our Artists in Residence
top left: Chris Larson // top right: Ken Darr
middle left: Larkin Chollar // middle right: Christine Waara
middle left: Amanda Scott // middle right: Audra Corns
bottom left: Patti Gildersleeve // bottom right: Ariel Quiroz
last row: Christine Halton

We are very lucky to represent the work of so many talented local artists.  For many years, we have facilitated our Artist in Residence program that offers clients the opportunity to meet some of our artists, learn more about their artistic process and talk story. We hope you will join us one day and meet one of our incredible artists.

Ariel Quiroz,
mixed media artist. Mondays in July from 4p – 8p

Audra Corns,
mixed metal jeweler. Thursdays in July from 10a – 6p
Chris Larson, mixed media artist. Fridays in July from 11a – 5p

Christine Waara, watercolorist. Monday July 8th from 11a – 3p
Christine Halton, mixed media artist. Thursday July 4th from 11a – 3p
Ken Darr, woodworker. Saturday July 6th from
Amanda Scott, mixed media artist. Friday July 12th from 12p – 3p
Ariel Quiroz, mixed media artist.
Friday July 19th, for Makawao’s Town Party from 4p – 8p

Larkin Chollar, ceramic artist. Monday July 1st from 12p – 5p
Amanda Scott, mixed media artist. Thursday July 18th, from 2p – 5p
Patti Gildersleeve, oil painter. Fridays in July from 12p – 3p

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