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Online Store Categories

After Sea Aesthetics

Al Furtado

Amanda Scott

Andrea Pro

Arabella Ark

Ariel Quiroz

Ayumi Ditamore

B. H. Freeland

Bechara Bassil

Bill Coulter

Bill McMahon


Brad Huck

Brian Kawal Fine Furniture

Brianne Light

Bruce Ficke

Cameron Nelson

Candles & Creams

Cecila Bahena


Chris Larson

Chris Larson

Christine Halton

Christine Waara

Christopher Upp

Cindy Conklin

Corporate Gifting

Craig Gardner


Curt Stevens

Daniel Moe

Danny Bushart

Dewayne Earl Mullis

Diane and Ray Pizzo



Elizabeth Keller

Evan Schauss

Fanny Bilodeau

Fine Art Giclees

Folau Tupou


G. Brad Lewis

Gary Forrest

Gerald Filipelli


Gordon Sherman

Guillian Malone

HonuHeart Designs

Ipo Kudlich

Jack Hamilton

Janet Spreiter

Jay Tefft

Jeanne Young


Jim Graper

Jim Lynch

Jobst Frohberg

Joel P. Heinz

John Gazmen

Julie Houck

Kamano Woods

Karuna Santoro

Kathleen O'Bryan

Kim McDonald

Kimi Delos Santos

Laurie Furumoto

Lee Oululani Plevney

Linda Lucy Lunde

Linda Whittemore


Lucinda Moran

Manny Mero Jr.

Marian Fieldson

Mark Mackay

Marty Wolff

Mel Ross

Michelle Espero

Monica and Michael Sweet

Mort Luby



Neola Caveny

Ni'ihau Shell Leis

Nikki Moss


Noreen Tretick

Ocean Art Jewelry

Original Paintings

Pat Kramer

Patrick Ku'aimoku


Pratima Design


Richard Kinser

Richard McCormick

Robert Knapp

Robin Fahey Cameron

Robin Fahey Cameron Ceramics

Sam Grim

Sandra Greenberg

Sarah Howard

Scott Green

Scott Hare

Scott Mead


Sharon Ransford

Small Scale Magic

Steven Lee Smeltzer

Susie Anderson

Susie Anderson

Suzie Whipple McFee

Suzy Papanikolas

Terris Nguyen Temple

Terry Taube

Textiles & Baskets

Tom Nakagawa

Vicky Robinson

Victoria Wundram

Willow Norris


Zeke Israel

Online Store Products

A Bright Shiny Day

A Playful Day

Abstract Ikebana Stand

Afternoon Shadows at Kapalua

Aluminum Tornados

Amakihi Earrings

Amakihi Necklace

Anuenue O Ukumehame

At Hookipa Beach

Auntie Hulu Print

Auntie's Hula Studio

Barbeque Chicken

Beach at the Hyatt

Beach at Wailea

Beach Stones


Bird of Paradise Vase

Bridge Ikebana Stand

Bursting Wave at Hookipa

Celtic Tapestry

Celtric Grand Lace

Ceremonial Kimono

Chicken Busters

Chicken Quad

Copper Curlys

Copper Lockets

Copper Pocketbook

Copper Tornados


Covered in Sand

Dancing Huts

Darkness Slips Into Light

Draped Aluminum

Emerald Sea

Fire and Light

Fish Tales

French Classic

French Classic

Front Row Seat

Garden Bananas

Half Round Classic

Half Round Lace

Half Round Lace

Half Round Rope

Half Round Rope

Half Round Tapestry

Hand Made Wooden Paddle Double Bend Miniature

Hand Made Wooden Paddle Standard Miniature

Hand Made Wooden Paddle Steering Miniature

Hawaiian Hula Ladies

Heart Classic

Heart Classic

Hens Misbehaving

Hidden Lace

Hoe Waa (Beige) Print

Hoe Waa Honu Print

Hoe Waa Hula Print

Hoe Waa Paddle Print

Hoe Waa Print

Honolua to Kapalua

Honu (B&W) Print

Honu (B&W) Print

Honu in Polished Copper

Hula Hen

Hula Print

Hula Waves

Hulu Joy Print

Hulu Kane Print

Ikebana Stand

Island Serenity

Ka Makani O Kuau at Mama's Fish House

Kaanapali Beach

Kapalua Radience - Maui

Keanae Rocks and Waves

Keiki Dance Class

Keiki Intermission

Kihei Beach Day


Kipona 3 Strand Lei 30"

Kite Surfing Tournament

Koa Card Holder

Koa Cribbage Board

Koa Konane Board

Koa Napkin Holders

Koa Paper Clip Holder

Koa Pencil Holder

Koa Salad Hands

Koa Salad Tongs

Koa Trivet

Koa Wine Stand

Koa Wood Clock

Kuau Beach with Palms

Kula in Bloom



Lil Grass Shack Hula

Long Dangles

Maile Lahaina

Makalapua Molokai

Maui Anew

Maui Glow

Maui Moon

Maui Sunset with Clouds

Midday Mangoes

Moonlight Sail

Morning Glory

Morning Light

Mother and Calf


Night Shift

North Shore Serenity

Ohana Dancers


Oscar's Visit

Pacific Vessel - Large

Pacific Vessel - Pointed


Paradise Cove

Part of the Bunch

Pastures at Mana

Path to the Beach

Pecka Pecka

Perfect Pineapples

Playing Around


Plumeria Earrings

Plumeria III

Plumeria Post Earrings

Prom Orchid Plate

Psalms of Hanalei

Pua Melia Earrings

Quack Ups

Quilting Bee


Random Strands

Red Mu'us

Reflections at Kealia Wetlands


Rooster Surfing

Round Ikebana Stand

Sailing Outrigger at Kapalua



Seafood Chain

Shave Ice

Shell Dish

Shell with Whale

Shrouded Fence

Snaegel Snail

Snorkel Rooster

Splashes of Light

Square Dangle

Square Plate

Squared Tube

Sunny Plumerias

Sunny Sunny Papayas

Sunrise Moonset

Sunset Serenade

Sunset with Distant Lanai

Suspended Animation

Textured Aluminum

The Optimist

Turk's Head

Turk's Head

Turtle Cove Platter

Tutu's Lei Class


Water Taxi

Wave Tapestry

Wave Tapestry

Waves and Sky at Kapalua

West Maui Tail

When the Heavens Turned About

Youngs Beach with West Maui

14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso

A Form of Magic

A Morning In Paradise

A State of Wonder

Above Makena

Above Wailea

Across Pi'iholo Pineapple

Afternoon Walk

Ahihi Twilight

Akala II Limited Edition Lithograph


Ali'i Clock

Aloha HonuHeart Bracelet

Aloha Pineapple Set

Alua Island, Hana

Anglerfish Earrings

Anglerfish Necklace

Animal Groupings

Animal Groupings

Another Peaceful Journey

Another Reality

Another Story

Another Way of Saying It

Antherium Sculpture


Aqua Marine

Are The Waves Coming?

Around the Bend....Big Beach

Assorted Standard Faceted Mugs

Assorted Teapots

Backyard Plumeria

Baldwin Beach From Hana Highway

Baldwin Beach Panoramic


Bamboo & Banana Leaves

Bamboo Highway

Bamboo Wind - Framed

Banyan Box with Lid

Banyan Tree #9

Banyan Tree Melody

Barak Obama

Barn Owl Earrings

Barn Owl Necklace

Barnicle Bill

Beach Balls

Beach Day

Beach Day

Beach Day

Beach Day I

Beach Glass Vessel

Beach Shadows At Baldwin Beach

Beach Umbrella

Beginnings - SOLD


Bella Plumeria


Between Grandma's and the Ranch

Between Myth and Symbol

Bezel Set Sunrise Shell Cuff

Big Beach

Big Ol' Tree

Big Red

Bird Friend

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise 3 Leaf

Bird Of Paradise Quilt

Birds & Red Ginger - SOLD

Birds and Leaf Platter

Black Boar Jar

Black Rock Ka'anapali

Black Rock Ka'anapali

Black Sand Beach Maui Clock - SOLD

Blanket Closet

Blond Koa Coffee Table

Blonde Mermaid Earrings

Blonde Mermaid Necklace

Blossom Dance

Blue Crush

Blue Ginger Red Poppies - SOLD

Blue Ginger Red Poppies - SOLD

Blue Hawaii (Tryptich)

Blue Jade Quilt


Bodega Barrel Rocker

Bone Fish Hook Necklace

Booming Keanae - SOLD


Boy with Ukulele




Breezy Coconut Palm Earrings

Breezy Coconut Palm Necklace

Bristlecone Bowl

Brown Beach Glass Set

Brown Haired Mermaid Earrings

Brown Haired Mermaid Necklace

Bud Vase

Buddha at the Lavender Farm

Burgandy Conch Shell - SOLD


Busy Old Front Street

Butterfly Dream IV (Magical Moonset)

Butterfly Orchids

Butterfly Ring

Cabernet Dining Set

Calm Before the Storm

Camilla Bandita

Cane Haul Road

Canoe Beach - SOLD

Canoe Beach Kaanapali

Canoe Beach Lifeguard

Cardinal In Cherry Tree Earrings

Cardinal In Cherry Tree Necklace

Carthaginian Aloha

Carved Bowl with Net Design

Carved Geo Walking Staff

Carved Geo Walking Staff

Carved Monstera Leaf Bowl

Carved Spiral Walking Staff

Carved Tahitian Pearl Bangle

Ceramic Bowl Large

Ceramic Bowl Medium

Ceramic Cup

Ceramic Dog

Ceramic Feet

Ceramic Fish

Ceramic Fish

Ceramic Fish

Ceramic Fish

Ceramic Fish

Ceramic Fish

Ceramic Frog

Ceramic Koi Fish

Ceramic Leaf Plate

Ceramic Mermaid

Ceramic Oval Platter

Ceramic Soap Dish

Ceramic Sushi Set

Ceramic Vase

Charley Young Beach

Charley Young Friends

Charm Bracelet

Chest of Drawers


Chip & Dijon Earrings

Chip & Dijon Necklace


Circle of Circles

Classical Music & Water Lilies

Clowesii Orchid

Coconut Grove in Old Lahaina

Coffee Table - SOLD

Coming Through


Conch Blower

Cook Pine

Cook Pine

Copper Link Pendant

Coral Heliconia

Cow Bone

Cow Bone

Cow Bone

Cow Bone

Cow Bone

Cow Bone

Cow Horn

Cow Horn

Cow Horn

Crane on Bamboo - Unframed


Creepers - Hawaiian Creepers w/White Hibiscus


Cross with Citrine and Topaz

Cruise Ship

Crystal Blue Honu Pendant

Crystal Vortex

Cuff Bracelet

Curly Koa Console Table

Cybele's Castle

Daisies On Crater Road

Daisy Box

Dancer with Plumeria Torso

Dancing in the Blue

Dangle Earrings

Dangle Earrings

Dangle Earrings

Daphne's Awakening

Darker Blue Beach Glass Set

Day at the Beach - SOLD

De'lightful Journey

Delicate Bamboo

Display Stand

Distilled Essence

Dog Jar

Dolphin Crest Set

Don't Be A Sucka

Don't Be Koi


Double Nalu Bangle

Double Pink Hibiscus

Dragon Earrings

Dragon Fly at Koi Pond #1

Dragon Necklace

Dragonfly Dream II (Sunrise At The Fishpond)

Dragonfly Dream III (Satori At The Fishpond)

Dragonfly Dream IV (Blue Lotus At The Fishpond)

Dragonfly Dream V (Peace & Prosperity At The Fishpond)

Dragonfly Dream VI (Sunset Koan At The Fishpond)

Dragonfly Dream VII (Listening To Peace At The Fishpond)

Dragonfly Dream VIII (Dawn In The Fishpond)

Dragonfly Girl

Dream Beach

Dream Fish


Driftwood Cane

Dusk Glow

Early Riser

Ebony Fish Hook Necklace


Elvis Presley


Empress Set

Enchanting Wailupe

End Of The Day

Endless Balance

Eos and the West Wind

Eucalyptus Barn

Eucalyptus Grove

Evening Lahaina

Evening Splendor

Falling Forward

Falling Gracefully - Unframed

Falling Star


Far Peak, Evening Glow

Fender Base

Filigree Maile Ipu

Fiona and the Butterflies

Fire Fall


Fish Fantasticos

Fish With Coral - Framed

Fish Zen Large Alabaster



Floating Hibiscus

Floral (Diptych)

Flower Spill

Flower Spill

Foam Art

Foam Dance

Forest Spirit Earrings

Forest Spirit Necklace

Fox Earrings

Fox Necklace

Fragmented Space I

Fragments of the Mind


Fragrance and Lotion Set

French Tuesday



From A True Place

From Mauka to Makai

Front Row Seats

Front Street Fugue

Full Moon Earrings

Full Moon Necklace

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Garden Light

Garnet HonuHeart Set


Gecko Heart Set

Gecko Ring


Gel and Lotion Gift Sets

Gemstone HonuHeart Bracelet


Gift Certificates



Give & Take - SOLD

Golden Barn Owl Earrings

Golden Barn Owl Necklace

Golden Coy - Unframed

Golden Glow

Golden Light

Golden Palm

Golden Spatter Cone

Goldfill Hammered Bar Earrings with Puka Shells

Goldfill Hammered Bar Earrings with Seaglass

Goldfill Pineapple Ring

Goldie and the Back-Up Singers

Golf Dogs

Great Horned Owl Earrings

Great Horned Owl Necklace

Green Beach Glass Set

Green Dragon Cane

Green Dream

Green Sight

Green Velvet

Grow Anywhere

Guardian Palms


Haiku Coffee Table

Haiku Pineapple Fields

Haleakala Maui Time Clock

Haleakala Rim

Haleakala's Cloak

Hali'imaile Pineapple Fields

Hali'imaile Tank

Hali'imaile, Makai

Halona Fury

Hammock Hideaway

Hammock Hideaway

Hamoa Red Shack - SOLD

Hana Beach Hale - SOLD

Hana Bridge

Hana Halau

Hanalei Sunset

Hanalei Valley, Kauai

Hand Built Ceramic Bowl

Hangin Loose

Hanging Out, Lahaina Oceanfront

Hapa Bangle


Harbor Serenade

Harvest Time

Hau Carved Bowl - SOLD

Hau'oli Makuahine

Hawaiian Graffiti

Hawaiian Koa Hall Table

Hawaiian Koa Outrigger Canoe Paddle

Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe

He'e Bowl

He'e Cuff

He'e Pendant

He'e Ring

Heading to Mamas



Hearts of Palm Set

Heavenly Kahana

Helmet Warrior

Hemolele Ka Maoli Uluwehe

Hermit Crab

Hexagon Box

Hexagonal Serrated Platter

Hey You, Get off my Cloud


Hibiscus & Plumeria Necklace

Hibiscus - SOLD

Hibiscus Cabinet

Hibiscus Earrings

Hibiscus Plate

Hibiscus Quilt

HIghway Boards

Hoa 'Ena

Hoapili Trail

Holiday at Coconut Grove

Honokawai Cliffs

Honokohau Bay

Honokowai Church

Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay


Honu (Turtle) Vase

Honu Beach

Honu Beach

Honu Bowl

Honu on Black Sand Earrings

Honu on Black Sand Necklace

Honu Ornament


HonuHeart Charms


Hoop Earrings

Hornbill Flight - Slow Flight at Days End

Hornbill Share - Hornbills Share Bodhi Berries

Hornbills/Bodhi - Hornbills in a Tree

Hot Pahoehoe Crack

Hot Splashes

House of Sticks ll - SOLD

House of Sticks lll


Hula Dol

Hula Girl

Hula Girl

Hula Girl Lifting Her Strap

Hula Hands

Hula Hands

Hula Sky

Hulopo'e Bay Lana'i

Hummingbird in Wildflower Earrings

Hummingbird in Wildflower Necklace

Humu Humu Heart Set

Hungry Koi

Hwa Mei 2 - Thrush and Anthurium over Haleakala

Hwa Mei 3 - Thrush and Red Ginger over Haleakala

Hwa Mei, Melodious Laughing - Thrush and Red Hibiscus over Haleakala

I'iwi - w/Pink Hibiscus

I'o Hawaiian Hawk Earrings

I'o Hawaiian Hawk Necklace

Iao Valley

Iao Valley From Kanaha

Imaginary Flowers - Framed


In Bloom

Industrial Palms

Industrial Palms

Infinity Lei Necklace

Inner Beauty

Into The Light - SOLD

Into The Trees

Into The Wake

Ipu Wai with Base

Iridescent Dresser Mirror - SOLD

Iridescent Mirror

Island Flower Plate

Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole - SOLD

Jacaranda Hurrah!

Jacaranda Morning

Jacaranda Pastures

Jacaranda Road

Jade In Bloom

Japanese Hula Girl

Japanese Thimbleweed

Jatoba Cane


Jellyfish Earrings

Jellyfish Necklace

Jewelry Box

Joe's Beach House

John F Kennedy

Just the Two of Us - SOLD


Ka'anapali Pohuehue

Kahelelani 18" Single Strand Lei

Kahoolawe From Makena

Kalalau Valley

Kalapana Kai Vessel - Heart Waves

Kalapana Mist

Kalapana Wave



Kalo (Tryptich)

Kamaole Lifeguard

Kamehameha Iki Lahaina

Kanaha Afternoon

Kanaha Paradise

Kapalua Eve

Kapalua Eve

Kapalua Golf Maui

Kapalua Maui

Karma Koins


Keanae Cove

Keawalai Church

Keepsake Box Curley Koa

Keepsake Box Fancy Koa with Whale Fluke Handle

Keepsake Box Fiddleback Koa

Keepsake Box Fiddleback Koa with Whale Fluke Handle

Keepsake Box Small Brass Handle

Keepsake Box with Whale Fluke Handle

Kiawe Cane

Kiawe Cane

Kiawe Cane


Kilauea Caldera Volcano Earrings

Kilauea Caldera Volcano Necklace

Kilauea Surface Flow - Volcano Vase

Kilauea Vase

Kipona 2 Strand Lei

Kipona Earrings

Kipona Earrings

Kipona Nekcklace 18" Lei

Kitty Cat



Koa and Bone Fish Hook Necklace

Koa Bench

Koa Bench

Koa Bowl

Koa Butterfly Table

Koa Cedar End Table - SOLD

Koa Chopsticks

Koa Coffee Table

Koa Console Table

Koa Ebonized MapleTable - SOLD

Koa End Tables

Koa Fish Hook Necklace

Koa Fish Hook Necklace Large

Koa Hall Table

Koa Maui Box

Koa Miniatures

Koa Paddle Necklace

Koa Pedestal Table

Koa Table

Koa Table Bench

Koa Wood

Koi Fish Pond

Koi Pond Platter

Kolohala Carved Bowl

Kona Coffee Shack

Ku'oho Kamani Bowl

Ku'oho Mango Bowl

Kukui Nut

Kula Hall Table

Kula Jacaranda

Kula Jacaranda Garden

Kula Sunset

Ladybug Earrings

Ladybug Necklace

Lahaina Blues I

Lahaina Blues II

Lahaina Gold

Lahaina Harbor - SOLD

Lahaina Harbor at Sunrise

Lahaina Luna

Lahaina Oceanfront - SOLD

Lahaina Yachts

Laiki 10 Strand Lei 54"

Lamello Pendant

Lamello Ring

Lanikai Lady


Large Bamboo Fountain

Large Concrete Pendant

Large Concrete Ring

Large Fountain

Large Hawaiian Island Hawaiian Monkeypod

Large Kahu

Large Pumpkin

Large Sea Urchin

Late Light, Old Ditch Road

Laundry Day

Lava Masquerade

Lava Ocean Paperweight

Lava Paperweight

Lava Pipe

Lava Platter

Lava Tube

Lava Wave

Lavender Farm Protea

Leader of the Pack

Learning to Breath

Leaves of Change

Leaving Baldwin Beach


Les Coquilicots

Lidded Bowl with Shell Finial

Lidded Puahala Bowl

Light Blue Beach Glass Set

Lil' Red

Lilies of Desire

Lilikoi Bowl

Limu O Pele

Lines and Rhythms F

Liquid Teal - Makena, Maui

Liquid Window

Listen to the Reed

Little Beach

Little Diver

Littleton Demilune Table

Littleton Nightstand

Littleton Platform Bed


Local Bicycles

Local Bicycles

Lokelani Quilt

Long Face

Looking Down

Magenta Orchids

Magic In The Air


Maile Bowl with Coconut Fiber

Maile Leaf Bracelet

Maile Leaf Earrings

Maile Leaf Sculpture

Maile Leaf Set

Maile Leaf with Diamond Dew Drops

Maile Leaves

Majestic Falls

Makawao Town - SOLD

Makena Fisherman

Makena Jewel

Makena Landing

Makena Morning - SOLD

Makena Umbrellas - SOLD

Maluaka Beach

Mama and Baby Hummingbird Earrings

Mama and Baby Hummingbird Necklace



Mango Bench

Mango Box with Lid

Mango End Tables

Mango Salsa

Manta Ray Set

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe - Color

Maritime Sunset

Martin Luther King

Mary Ann's Hibiscus

Maui Aloha

Maui Blue

Maui Blue

Maui Boats

Maui Boats

Maui Cutout

Maui Decorative Plate

Maui Floral Plate

Maui Gold

Maui HI Life

Maui Meowies

Maui No Ke Oi

Maui Ohana

Maui Pali

Maui Parrotbill - Flying Over Koa Forrest

Maui Storm

Maui Sunset SUP

Maui Tag Bangle

Maui Waters, Kanaha

Maui's Flower

Mauka Hali'imaile

Meditation Face

Mediuim Bowl

Medium Kahu

Medium Pumpkin Orange

Medium Pumpkin Red


Mele Kalikimaka

Memory Lane

Men's Cuff Bracelet

Merado Wood Cane

Merado Wood Cane


Mermaid On Rock Earrings

Mermaid On Rock Necklace

Message Bracelet

Mill at Sunset

Milo Box with Lid

Milo Box with Lid

Milo Maile Vessel

Mixed Pearl Shell Cuff

Moa Paradise

Molokini Glow

Molten River

Momi 3 Strand Lei 40"

Momi Hot Pink 5 Strand Lei 50"

Monet's Lamp

Money Clip


Monstera Leaf

Monstera Leaf

Monstera Set

Moonlight Kiss

More Pele

Morning From The Corral

Morning Glow

Morning Mangos

Morning Rays

Mortar & Pestles


Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Mountain Pond - Framed

Mr. Bubbles

Multi Blue White Green Beach Glass Set

Multi Colour 5 Strand Kahelelani Lei

Multi Green Beach Glass Set


Murder of Crows I

Murdr of Crows III

Music Man

My Friends Yard

Mynah Bird Earrings

Mynah Bird Necklace

Mynhas on the Run - A morning flight of Mynha Birds

Na Lei O Hawaii

Napili Sunset

Narwhal Earrings

Narwhal Necklace


Native White - SOLD




Nelson Mandela

Nene - SOLD

Nene Earrings

Nene Necklace


Night Flight

Night Garden

Night Owl Earrings

Night Owl Necklace

Nightingale's Sundown

Niihau Style Bowl with Rafia

Norfolk Flower Vessel

Norfolk Gardenia Vessel

Norfolk Ruffle Vessel

Norfolk Tiare Vessel

Norfolk Translucent Flower Vessel

North Shore Rocks - SOLD


Nui Hewa Hewa Na Mamane

Ocean Blue

Ocean Paperweight

Ocean Song

Ocean Symphony



Octopus Pendant

Ogata Cane House

Ohana Brothers

Ohia Lehua

Ojisama and the Sun

Ojisama Hands Up

Ojisama in a House

Ojisama Sitting with Bird

Ojisama Standing with Staff

Old Hawaii Nei

Old Mill Road - SOLD

Old Road to Haleakala

Old Time Aloha

Oli Oli Kai Beach


OMG Breach #5

OMG Vertical Breach

On the Way to Costco

One Fine Day

Onomea Falls

Opening Up

Orange Alabaster Pounder

Orange Umbrellas

Orange Umbrellas

Orbit Ring with Amethyst

Orcas Island Homestead - SOLD

Orchid Family

Orchid in Rain

Orchid Lady

Orchid Square Plate

Organic Rhythm

Original HonuHeart Bracelet

Ornate Box

Ornate Box

Ornate Dragon Cane


Out of Nothing

Oval Necklace and Earrings

Oval Platter

Paia Piranha

Paia Sunset


Palapa Paradise

Palapa Paradise


Palms And Rock Walls

Palms And Surf At Sprecklesville

Palms of Kihei- SOLD

Palms of Papailoa

Papa Wakea State

Paradise Found

Paradise Found Diptych

Parrot On Plum Blossom - Framed

Pastel Perfect

Paumana Peace - SOLD


Peaceful Pohaku

Pedestal Table

Pedestal Table

Pedestal Table

Peek-a-Boo Fish - Unframed

Pele's Braids

Pele's Ground

Pele's Heart Beat

Pele's Throne

Peles Milkey Way


Pepper Mill

Perfumed Fragrances


Petal Vessel

Petro Paperweight

Philodendron 3 Leaf Split

Philodendron Split Face Leaf

Phoenix in Hawaii - Phoenix, Apapane, I'iwi w/Ohia

Pig Bone

Pig Bone

Pig Bone

Pineapple End Table

Pineapple Pedestal I

Pineapple Pedestal II

Pineapple Plant

Pineapple Plant

Pineapple Quilt

Pink Lady

Pink Protea

Pioneer Inn

Pioneer Pals

Pioneer Prelude

Plant Stand


Plum Blossom on Celadon - Unframed

Plumeria 2 Flower Bracelet

Plumeria 3 Flower Bracelet

Plumeria 3 Flower Earrings

Plumeria 3 Flower Necklace

Plumeria 3 Flower Pendant

Plumeria 3 Flower Post Earrings

Plumeria 7 Flower Necklace

Plumeria Lei Necklace

Plumeria Pearl Earrings

Plumeria Pearl Pendant

Plumeria Pearl Post Earrings

Plumeria Pendant

Plumeria Princess

Plumeria Princess Pink

Plumeria Set

Poe Poe Lei

Poke Bowl Blue

Poke Bowl Gray

Polo Beach

Polo Beach Maui

Poppies - SOLD

Portrait Lounge


Predawn Light

Pretty Blue Eyes

Pretty Fisher

Princess Studs

Protea Farm

Protect This Woman Bracelet


Pua Melia 5 Flower Necklace

Pua Melia Bracelet

Pua Melia Necklace

Pua Melia Pendant

Pua Melia Small Flower Necklace

Pumpkin Season - Kula Country Farms

Purple Dragon Cane

Purple Haze

Purple Kitchen - SOLD


Puu Olai And Kahoolawe


Queen Liliuokalani Rocking Chair

Quiet Place - Unframed

Racing - SOLD


Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls Earrings

Rainbow Falls Necklace

Rainbow Flowers

Rainforest - Earth to Sky

Rectangle Platter

Rectangular Face

Red Conch Shell - SOLD

Red Ginger - Unframed

Red Heliconia

Red Heliconia - Unframed

Red Hibiscus

Red Orchids

Red Sand Beach

Red Taro

Redondo Koi


Relaxed Point Of View

Rift Zone







Ring Dish

Riot on Baldwin

Ripe & Ready

Roadside Boards


Rocky Beach With Six Palms


Round Tattoo Earrings

Running Man

Rushing Sea

Sacred Path

Sailing By- SOLD

Sam's Rainbow

Samurai Cream Profile

Samurai Grey Alabaster

Samurai Large Orange Alabaster

Samurai Peach Alabaster

Samurai Red Alabaster

Samurai Red Seated

Samurai Thin Red Alabaster

Sashimi Platter

Say Cheese

Sea Horn

Sea of Tranquility

Sea Platter

Sea Shell Bowl

Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle Earrings

Sea Turtle Necklace

Sea Urchin Vase

Seacliff Restaurant First Light


Secret Beach

Secret Beach

Secret Beach

Secret Beach Makena

Seed of Hope

Seed of Makalii

Semi Precious Stone Keyring

Sepia Palm - SOLD

Sepia Palms - SOLD

Serious Sunset

Serious Sunset

Seven Seeds

Shades of Green

Shaggy Palms


She Can't Even Help It


Shell with Turtle


Shot Glass

Shower Tree Explosion

Silent Trumpets

Silver Dual Concrete Ring

Singing Birdies - Unframed

Sisters with Donut


Sky Blues

Sky Meets the Mountain

Sky, 'Ohi'a, Earth

Sleeping Honu

Small Kahu

Small Pumpkin

Small Sea Urchin

Smiling Hilo Dancer

Sober Intoxication

SOLD - Carved Tropical Flowers Gourd

SOLD - Ocean Ipu

South African Village Dancers

South Pacific Plumeria

Sparkling Tide Pools

Spatter Burst

Speed Dogs

Spider Grandmother

Spiny Puffer

Spiral Rose Protect Bracelet

Spiral Walking Staff


Spreckelsville Maui

Spreckelsville, Maui

Sprecksville Morning

Spring Maiden

Spring Road

Square Paperweight

Square Platter

Square Tattoo Necklace with Hoop


Stackable Concrete Ring

Stained Glass Shadows

Stamped Starfish Plate


Starfish Crossing


State of Mind

Stax Rings

Sterling Silver Cobalt Blue Seaglass Ring

Sterling Silver Turquoise Ring

Steve Jobs

Still Life

Stoneware Box

Stoneware Box


Stormy Harbor

Stormy Harbor


Sugar Mill Smokestack

Sugar Mill Smokestack



Sunday Jam

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

Sunny Morning at Baldwin Beach - SOLD

Sunrise Flight - Flying Thrushes w/Anthuriums

Sunrise Palms Beach

Sunrise Sail

Sunrise Shell Bangle

Sunrise Shell Cuff

Sunrise Shell Necklace

Sunrise Shell Ring

Sunrise Shell Stud Earrings

Sunrise Shell Tahitian Pearl Dangle Earrings

Sunset Ambiance

Sunset Ambiance

Sunset in Paradise

Sunset Palms

Sunset Run at Napili Bay


Surf Boarder

Surf Dogs

Surf's Up

Surf's Up

Surfer Dude

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Fields

Sweet Plumeria

Swirling Coy

Switchback Pendant

Synergy Ring Set


Taco Stand

Tahitian Black Pearl Pendant

Tahitian Black Pearl Ring

Tahitian Black Pearls on French Wire

Tahitian Dancer Looking Left

Tahitian Elegance Set

Tahitian Midriff

Tahitian Torso

Take Me There

Tako Oval Platter

Tank 411

Tea Time

Teal In The Tropics






















The Artist

The Awakening

The Boss

The Candles

The Clowns

The Color Purple - SOLD

The Dare - SOLD

The Enchanted Hour

The Gels

The Good Life

The Honeymooners

The King

The King's Trail

The Long Walk

The Lotions

The Lovers

The Mother

The Original HonuHeart Earrings

The Promise

The Queen

The Road To Mamas - SOLD

The Tailgater

The Winding Road - SOLD

The Wise One

The Young Prince

Thompson Road

Three Palms

Three Palms

Three Stone Ring

Through The Top








Tiki Palms

Tiki Palms

Tilly Dining Set

Time and Time Again

Toy Joy


Trestle Table

Triangular Paperweight


Tropic Dream- SOLD

Tropical Seclusion

Tulip Tree

Turquoise Lagoon

Turtle Bowl

Turtle Facial

Turtle Girl

Turtle Trail

Turtle Trail


Tweaked Beak

Twilight Meditation

Twilight Tikis

Twilight Tikis

Twin Falls

Twin Falls - Unframed

Twin Palms

Two Honu

Two Honu Framed

Two Ships

Two Ships

Tyler Hare's Mini Bowls

Tyler Hare's Trays

Ukulele Stool - SOLD

Ukumehame Revealed


Ulupalakua Pasture

Unicorn Earrings

Unicorn Fish

Unicorn Necklace

Unicorn Trio


Upcountry Afternoon

Upcountry in Spring's Green

Upcountry Kula

Upcountry Sunrise

Upper Ditch Road - SOLD

Valley To Sky

Van Gogh Kitty 1

Van Gogh Kitty 2

Variegated Lemons



Vibrant Sunset

Vibrant Sunset

View at Baldwin Beach

View From Haleakala Ranch

View From Kahului Harbor

View from the Hammock

Vintage Sunset

Vintage Sunset


Wailea Chillin'

Waipio Valley Taro Earrings

Waipio Valley Taro Necklace



Walking Staff

Warrior ll


Water Baby with Koi Fish

Water Baby with Lily

Water Hazard

Water Wings & Sandy Toes

Waterfalls At Launiupoko

Waterlily I

Waterlily II

Wave Bowl

Wave Vase

West Maui Mountain Aloha Whale #2

Westin Koi I

Westin Koi II


Whale Tail Orange Alabaster

Whale Tail Pendant

Whale Tails

Where We Live

White Beach Glass Set

White Ginger Quilt

White Hibiscus - Unframed

White Water Lillies - Unframed

Wild Orchid - Framed

Wildflowers Earrings

Wildflowers Necklace

Wili Wili

Wind Song

Wind Surfing The Waves

Winter Surge

Wrapped Radiator

Yellow and Purple Orchids

Yellow Conch Shell

Yellow Hibiscus

Yellow Hibiscus - Unframed

Yellow Orchids

Yellow Seahorse Earrings

Yellow Seahorse Necklace

Young Dancer w/ Yellow Hibiscus

Young Dancer with Palm

Zen Fish Small Orange Alabaster